09th March 2015 - TRAVELS - Comment -

Isla de Gigantes is a beautiful and paradisiac Philippine Island that was severely damaged by Yolanda Typhoon on November 8th 2013.

Some parts of the Island were partially destroyed and so many people remained without anything.

But the Philippine spirit didn´t allow that something like that would avoid to continue with their happiness of life, and with a smile, they rebuilt it everything in a really short time.

After 4 days in Isla de Gigantes, where I could verify the huge damages by the typhoon, and where the local people spoke to me about how was the experience for them, they invited me to eat, to drink, to go into their houses, to play with their kids, and they shared with me the few things that they have, I´m astonished about the power of these people that are doing all the things with a smile and putting all the heart in that.

Thanks Isla de Gigants and Philippinian people for this huge lesson that I learnt these amazing days.

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